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Starbucks barista discovers trick customer uses to get free drinks: ‘Order cancelled’

Starbucks barista discovers trick customer uses to get free drinks: ‘Order cancelled’

Discover a trick bartender Starbucks The customer uses it to get drinks for free. An employee worked at one of the coffee chain’s locations in Massachusetts Tik Tok Cheeky attempt to get a drink without paying. In particular, the writer by name Sinead Robbins Posting an image of a poster showing a customer who has just purchased a 5px cup on the online app, while then trying to trick the bar by including more orders in an additional “request order” section.

I discovered the Starbucks trick, how it works

On the glass (purchased for 5 cents) the fraudster wrote an additional request: “Hey, can I have a large strawberry custard with no whipped cream and a topping without a straw,” before adding a cheery “Thank you!”. Robbins was not impressed with the scheme of the application. The clip has been viewed over 4.2 million times. “It was kind of fun, but it just wouldn’t work. We canceled the order.”

@employee Did you know this Starbucks hack 😱 #fyp #Widely #tips and tricks # Starbucks #starbuckscrets ♬ original sound – Kayla Oxley

The attempt failed

“Don’t do it,” Robbins added. Many users couldn’t believe that people actually tried the money saving trick. “I was going to pour the milkshake in the bag,” one user wrote. “Teens are watching a lot of ‘hackers’ on TikToks,” another laughed. “I used to work in a restaurant and people would always do that and ask for extra food in special instructions instead of paying for it??” says another unsuspecting. Others said they would just ask. “Am I the only one who would actually do this for them?? And this is coming from someone who works at Starbucks,” one woman wrote.

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