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Jon Stewart, comedian candidate for the next US presidency?  No thank you!

Jon Stewart, comedian for next US presidency? No problem, thanks!

In the United States, it is not so unusual for figures from business or entertainment to enter the White House, rather than directly from the world of politics. Ronald Reagan’s case is the most notable, but now new speculation favors the TV comedian. John Stewart. And he answers.

Many comedians and improv actors could be candidates The Presidency of the United States, in fact one of the most important and decisive government positions in the world, and to be honest John Stewart wouldn’t even be the most advanced one. Of course, they usually are American presidents to express themselves in the world of entertainment – At least Joe Biden, who is no longer newly elected, mostly Acclaimed by Hollywood with a democratic majority – and not the other way around. In reality, however, Stewart’s name came out of nowhere but as a result of rumors that Fox News’ historically conservative political commentator, Tucker CarlsonMay be shown in 2024.

If you need another TV face to beat a TV face, the name Jon Stewart has started in the corridors, yes, he’s a TV comedian by trade, but actually inspires this kind of clever comedy and satire. The subject of interest above all is politics. Provider A satirical-political show The Daily Show From 1999 to 2015, 22nd Emmy winner When confronted with the 49 nominations, Stewart repeatedly lashed out against the conservative media, particularly Fox News, accusing it of distorting the news to meet a conservative political agenda. Despite his preparation, in short, he responded to the rumors immediately and as clearly as possible.

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Hmm…. no thanks“- shared via social media in a post that you can see below the article. However, as a man with a genuine interest in political life (even if not for himself), he used the opportunity of the rise of vision to focus on an issue that has always been very close to his heart: “When I have your attentionYou all (including the media) may be asking why Republican Senator Pat Toomey is blocking the draft. Veterans Health Care Act Went through major bipartisan support, for a technology?“.