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Lake Tanganyika, one of the natural wonders that touches 4 countries – Siviyagia

Lake Tanganyika, one of the natural wonders that touches 4 countries – Siviyagia

A unique natural miracle. I just think it is him The longest freshwater lake in the world It is one of the oldest lakes, and among the only twenty on the planet that are more than a million years old, and again: it is the second deepest lake on the planet and the second in size, after Lake Baikal in Siberia. Embrace its waters Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo H Zambia, It represents an irresistible attraction for water sports lovers. We take you to discover TanganyikaOne of the great lakes in East Africa.

Tanganyika, the longest lake in the world

Lake Tanganyika is located within the Great Rift Valley region, which extends from Lebanon to Mozambique, and is bordered by the valley's mountain walls. It has a narrow and elongated shape and reaches a depth of 642 meters below sea level. This makes it The second largest African lake, After Vitoria, H The deepest Absolutely from the entire continent. Of the four countries whose waters border them, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo share 80% of the land almost equally.

It is estimated that the lake has approx 10 million years. Given its age and location, scientists are researching the sedimentary geology of Tanganyika to learn more about Africa's climate and environmental history. The banks of Tanganyika have been inhabited since ancient times. The lake takes its name from the Babembe tribe, whose language was called “water rich in fish” orAnd it has started“, Over time it turned into “Tanganyika”.

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This enormous body of water became known only to Europeans In 1858When the English explorers Richard Burton and John Speke encountered it during an expedition aiming to find the source of the Nile, they discovered that the Ruzizi River in the north flows into the lake and does not come out. Until 1961, Lake Tanganyika divided Belgian territories (Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Urundi) from British territories (Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia).

One of the biologically richest lakes on the planet

Tanganyika is one of the lakes The richest on the planet from a biological point of view. According to the International Union for Conservation (IUCN), “No place on earth is home to such a diversity of life.”. Of the more than 2,000 extant species, more than half are found nowhere else. Ninety-eight percent of the cichlids, which make up two-thirds of all fish in the lake, are endemic.

Crocodiles inhabit most of the coastal areas, with the exception of the surrounding areas White manin Zambia, perhaps due to the noise of the motorboats, allowing you to swim in the warm, clear, salt-free waters, which turn from calm to high waves perfect for swimming com. bodysurf.

the Bujumbura beaches In Burundi, it is among the best urban areas of any landlocked African country. Swimming here is also safe and the water temperature is pleasant for swimming. Throughout the year, Lake Tanganyika remains a real attraction for all lovers of water skiing, sailing, sport fishing and hiking.

Around the lake there are four protected areas, including Gombe Stream National Park, where primatologist Jane Goodall spent many years studying the behavior of endangered chimpanzees. Then there Rusizi Nature Reserve in Burundi, Mahale Mountains National Park In Tanzania and Nsombo National Park In Zambia.

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There are many coastal locations to explore, especially on the southern and northeastern coasts. Between these, He hitsIt is a city located in western Tanzania, and it is the arrival point for those crossing the country on the central line. Immersed in a gorgeous tropical setting, with a backdrop of the Congo Mountains in the distance, it's a convenient place from which to set off by motorboat to visit Gombe National Park, one of the country's best-preserved gems.