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“US cyber attack on an Iranian ship”: What happened in the Red Sea

“US cyber attack on an Iranian ship”: What happened in the Red Sea

the United State They were recently going to run a Internet attack against one Iranian military ship Responsible for collecting information on passing commercial ships The Red Sea it is in Gulf of Aden. This was revealed by some American officials who said that the cyber attack occurred more than a week ago and was part of the United States’ response.Biden administration to the drone attack by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq that killed three US service members in Jordan late last month. at the same time United States Central Command (Centcom) The US Coast Guard announced that it had seized weapons from Iran on board a ship in the Arabian Sea that was headed to rebel-controlled areas in Yemen. Houthi.

US cyber attack

The news of the US cyber attack was reported by nbc. The site wrote that the operation was intended to prevent the Iranian ship's ability to exchange information with the Houthis, the same people who have repeatedly fired missiles and drones at boats in the Red Sea. The same anonymous sources also claimed that Iran was using the ill-fated ship for supply Information On Houthi targets so that their attacks on enemy targets will be more effective.

Going into details, one of the American officials familiar with the file said that the operation was carried out on board an Iranian ship called MV Bahshad. Other officials refused to reveal the name of the ship. Instead, a National Security Council spokesperson declined to comment and called for questions to be directed to the Department of Defense, which declined to comment.

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The Iranian ship was hit

US officials generally do not disclose covert operations, including cyberattacks, and have never publicly released information about the raid on the suspected Iranian spy ship. In a recent interview, the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, Amir Saeed Irvani, explained that Behshad is in the Red Sea “to combat piracy activities” and that she is not providing information to Houthi forces.

For your information, this is January, and according to tracking data, the Behshad ship is operating near the port of Djibouti, near a Chinese military base on the mainland. Military analysts believe it is possible that Iran chose to move its ship closer to the Beijing facility to dissuade US naval forces from any attempt to attack or board the suspected spy ship.

Red Sea fire

In short, the situation in the Red Sea remains tense. Every day, approximately 12% of global shipments pass through this maritime canal. Following repeated Houthi attacks, giant shipping companies – such as Maersk – have announced the cessation of their operations in these latitudes since November.

Iran has not yet commented on the alleged US cyber attack. However, Tehran announced that it would respond in the same way if US forces seized its ships. “If an Iranian ship is seized, we will respond in kind, and the legal path will not be closed in this regard,” said Iranian President’s Legal Advisor Mohammad Dehghan, adding that he was unable to confirm whether US authorities had seized an Iranian ship or not.

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