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Lockdown in Shanghai, Italian prisoners despair: 'Someone is helping us'

Lockdown in Shanghai, Italian prisoners despair: ‘Someone is helping us’

Shanghai is in lockdown, Italian captives cry

“We had an hour and a half to go down the street from the 20th floor for storage. Then they locked us in the house. They’ve turned off electricity to skyscraper lifts and shut down stairs, exposing us to devastating risks in emergencies. We are trapped in our homes, in many cases, cell-like studios, not knowing when this will end. There are those who are alone. There are people who can’t do that.”

As the world talks about the end of the pandemic, and despite the spread of the virus, restrictions are dropping and restarting is pushing economies to recover, Shanghaithe financial and commercial heart of China, is witnessing a new military shutdown.

They are the Italians in the East To raise their cry for help in the world.

We create remote solidarity chats and networks and connect with relatives and friends in the four corners of the planet to spread the word behind the veil of censorship and urge governments to intervene.

They are the masses of a city of about thirty million people in a country of one and a half billion people. In the videos they broadcast combod from shanghai Screams come from the windows, asking for help from people who no longer have the resources to resist. Once or twice a week, the Chinese government distributes groceries into homes, but not everywhere, and there is little to say. So it’s hard to keep going.”

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Pudong It was the first district in Shanghai to fall into a nightmare since March 28. For twenty-five days, the lockdowns extended to Puxi, the oldest area where foreigners living and working in China live most. “The consulates here are able to do something, we feel the privilege of our young ones – tell the Italians through relatives in Europe – for heaven we can leave and go back to our countries of origin, but we must be separated from our families, we stop working. What is happening here is incomprehensible.”

A man wearing Covid protection on a street in Shanghai

The virus that spawned this new lockdown is fora subvariable Omicron Ba.2, Not much different than that Spins in our latitudes And that it generates cases, yes, but it does not raise concerns in hospitals.

In China, the road is “zero infection”. “Those who test positive are forcibly taken from their homes to hospital in quarantine centers – tell the Italians in Shanghai – there is horrific news of pets being left alone in homes. The police kill them mercilessly. The world needs to know what is happening in that country and that Someone steps in to help us.”

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