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Labor: Italy sets the record for the unemployed who do not search – Economy

Italy in 2021 saw a rate of 11.8% of people willing to work but not in research, compared to 4.1% in the eurozone, 3.7% in the entire European Union, and the highest levels among 34 European countries considered by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat). European Union. The figure is shown by referring to Eurostat’s update on unmet demand for employment in 2021 at 14% in the EU (14.9% in 2020). Here Italy is second in the EU, with a 22.8% share of unmet demand for employment, behind Spain (24.1%) and closely followed by Greece.

Unmet demand for employment in the European Union affects 31.2 million people between the ages of 15 and 74. It includes the unemployed, the part-time unemployed (part-timers who want to work more) and people willing to work who are not looking. The total number increased in 2020 due to the Covid virus, mainly due to the increase in the number of people available to work and not looking for work, a number that can be explained by the length and frequency of closures, as well as other health measures.

In terms of individual components, in 2021 unemployment was 7.3% in the Eurozone, 6.7% in the European Union, 8.5% in Italy, and 14.1% in Spain, to name a few of a historically large country not far from full employment to 3.5% in Germany. Compared to those available for work but not for research, as mentioned, Italy largely leads with 11%, the Eurozone figure at 4.1%, the European Union at 3.7%, Spain at 4.1%, and Germany at 2.2%. The figure for those with part-time contracts but wanting a full-time job sees Italy at 3%, the eurozone at 3.3%, the European Union at 2.8%, Spain at 5.1% and Germany at 1.4%. Finally, those who want to work but are not immediately available are 0.3% in Italy, 0.9% among Euro countries, and 0.8% in the European Union, Germany and Spain.

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