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200 euro bonus at risk?  What happens with the government crisis

200 euro bonus at risk? What happens with the government crisis

there government crisis puts the €200 bonus? Concern, with the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, rejected by head of state Sergio Mattarella, has been sparked by many users, especially on social media, who are wondering if the crisis could endanger access Offer reward with dl help.

€200 reward planned Retirees, employees, self-employed, , domestic workers, seasonal, unemployed and beneficiaries of citizenship income. It is a measure designed to give families their breath Against excessive energy and inflation. It is intended for incomes of less than 35,000 euros, and provisions of 6 billion euros have been made.

But the bonus of 200 euros Is she really in danger with the government crisis? Is there really a tangible possibility that the measure will be rescinded and will not end in nothing because it can also happen to other measures such as the announced reduction of the tax wedge? Let’s see why not to worry.

Why the €200 bonus is not at risk: when will it be paid

The bonus of 200 euros, in fact, not in danger. First of all, it should be noted that he has already reached some categories: this is the case, for example, retired He received it with a July voucher. It may have already reached some employeealthough most of them will get it with their July paycheck, so maybe at the end of the month, if not at the beginning of August.

Moreover, in July, a bonus of €200 will also be paid to Recipients of citizenship income and for workers home. The situation is different for the other categories that you will receive in October. Even for them, however, there is nothing to fear, the appropriation has already been made by the aid decree that was finally approved yesterday in the Senate.

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They all confirmed then, even to whomever would receive it in October: Naspi and Dis-coll . ownersagricultural unemployed 2021, beneficiaries of the previous Covid allowance and all categories that must apply for the bonus.

€200 Anonymous Bonus for Freelancers and Professionals

However, there is a small unknown factor and this concerns Self-employed and professionals. In this case, the situation is different: they are also waiting for the bonus, but it is not even clear whether it will be 200 euros or some other amount. The government’s will is to keep the same number, but with the crisis everything can be brought back into existence.

This is because Freelancers with a VAT number and professionals still waiting executive decree Ministries of Labor and Economy: It was delayed a month ago (it had to be launched by June 17). Therefore, nothing is known about the exchange methods or timing: the bonus should arrive in October but there is no certainty.

However, there 500 million fund For a one-time allowance already. But without the decree, the reward will not be released and the crisis may complicate everything. But there is no need to worry in this case either: the ministries will continue to work even in the event of a crisis to implement the normal administration, which must also include Issuance of executive decrees of the measures already adopted.

€200 bonus with a crisis that exceeds the extension

government crisisInstead, it will have safe effects on No extension of the bonus 200 euros. A procedure that hasn’t even been on paper yet, but it has been assumed that the one-time allowance could also be extended to August and September (or at least one of them). If the crisis is confirmed and Draghi resigns, and moves toward early voting, extending the bonus would be impractical.