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“The company requested private photos” –

“The company requested private photos” –

Leaving WhatsApp groups may seem like it’s against “netiquette,” the rules of good behavior in the digital world. But can it also become a just cause for dismissal? According to a Spanish company, s. According to what I reported VanguardAn employee of a Cadiz hospital services company was actually fired from the company because he left the WhatsApp chat where shifts were organized.

Request photos and videos

In the employer’s opinion, the employee left the WhatsApp group because he found it too intrusive. The man then refused the dispatcher’s repeated calls to retrace his steps, and the company eventually decided to fire him, deeming it impossible to organize shifts otherwise.. The employee’s version is different, as he claims that WhatsApp chat has become a tool of unjustified control. In fact, the company was asking employees to send photos and videos of their activities on a daily basis in order to monitor the duration and quality of their work performance.

Union position

After the dismissal, the employee went to the CGT union, complaining that his rights had been violated. The workers’ organization accepted his thesis, arguing that the company’s management of the WhatsApp group represents a violation of the applicable regulations for protecting personal data and ensuring digital rights, the right to disconnect digital communication and respect for privacy.

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