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Kena Mobile launches Kena Full option with 1000 minutes, 100 SMS and 70 GB for 6 euros per month -

Kena Mobile launches Kena Full option with 1000 minutes, 100 SMS and 70 GB for 6 euros per month –

Effective August 16, 2021, subject to any changes, existing customers I got the mobile that does not contain a package of Active Mobile Offers (in minutes, SMS or giga) or if there are not enough minutes, SMS and giga, they will be able to activate the new option Full channel at 6 euros per month.

Option Qena Kamel Served every month 1000 minutes For the sound movement of all national numbers, 100 text messages For all national numbers, 70 GB of the national mobile Internet traffic in 4G at speeds of up to 30 Mbps in download and upload a 6 euros per month.

Option Qena Kamel It renews automatically if the remaining balance on the SIM card is sufficient, unless canceled at any time by the Kena Mobile customer.

The data included in the option is calculated up front in 1 KB increments. In the event of exceeding the monthly minimum minutes, SMS and data included (unless additional options are active) or in the event of no renewal or no offer, the terms hit the piano base.

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The basic pay-as-you-go plan is called Kena Mobile hit piano base It stipulates: 35 cents per minute voice transmission to all national numbers, no connection fee; Send a 25 cent text message to all national numbers; Internet consumption is 50 euro cents in advance in 50 megabyte increments.

Option Qena Kamel It can basically be activated if the view is already active on the user. Existing Kena Mobile customers who are left without an active key offer can also activate the option Qena is complete. Activation is also available from the Kena Mobile app atand options“.

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On the expiration date, the renewal will be deducted from the remaining balance of the SIM, within a maximum of 4 hours from the time of the first activation of the offer and will be confirmed by SMS.

Qena offers are also valid on Roaming in the European Union (it is in UK now), with the possibility of using unlimited minutes and messages under the same national conditions. For data traffic, on the other hand, it is envisaged a monthly limit for 2021 equal to 4,5 GB With Qena Kamel.

With Kena, in European roaming, it is possible to surf the Internet Only in 3G And if the customer exceeds any of these limits, a Premium 0.366 Euro Cents per MB.

If the balance is insufficient to cover the cost of option renewal, it will be suspended for a period of 90 days, during which, with the exception of another package of minutes available on the mobile line, calls will be charged according to the basic Kena plan, until the credit is exhausted.

By increasing a sufficient amount, the option will be available again. If the recharge is not performed within 90 days from the date of non-payment of the renewal cost, the option termination process will be initiated.

With Kena Mobile offers, listen voice mail On-demand SMS services You know and call now They are included at no additional cost, but activation of one of the two services does not allow the activation and use of the other.

I got the mobile It is a virtual mobile operator FULL MVNO which is a brand of TIM which is currently using 2G, 3G and 4G technology.

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