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Google has secretly added a feature to your smartphone – here's how it works

Google has secretly added a feature to your smartphone – here's how it works

Google recently added a new feature secretly to smartphones. Here's what it is and how to activate it.

Today again Google It is also considered one of the reference companies in this regard Smartphone sector. Not only thanks to his series pixel Which includes millions of consumers around the world who are waiting to update first with the Pixel 8a and then with the new devices Pixel 9But also and above all Because of Android. The most widely used operating system in the world and one that always competes with it internal control Department.

Google has secretly introduced a new feature –

The development team is continuing its work to deliver it New tools and useful features On all major devices. Whether they are the latest generation and top of the range or even entry level and mid-range. These are not always grandly announced changes that promise to be revolutionary.

From time to time, in fact, the Mountain View Giant Spread the news secretly. This is what happened in recent days, with a new function that should already exist Available on your smartphone. Here's what it is and how to activate it right away.

Google is secretly offering a feature: here's how to activate it

News on Android never ends. With Google always managing to impress, even with secretly made additions that have to be found by fiddling with your phone. Something like this was discovered recently Great news.

Here is the news that Google has secretly introduced on smartphones
Artificial Intelligence makes its debut on the Google Notes app (TheSpAndroid screenshot) –

We're talking about possibility Create background images for notes using generative AI From Mountain View Company. To be able to use it immediately, simply open the dedicated application and press the add button. Among other things, it should also appear under the Create AI image heading, which you can click to be redirected to another page containing a request box and a button. Crea.

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After entering Command prompt up to 1000 words, This is what artificial intelligence will generate Four images to choose from. From what we've read, the quality of the images provided, at least for now, leaves a lot to be desired. how often Rather, it is dotted.

After selecting the image, you may get stuck and not be able to return to the main section. Then commit to typing a new command prompt, which often produces different results. But this will most likely happen Because of the experimental phase Where everything is located. So far only available In the United States and India For both Android and iOS, we expect it to roll out to everyone in the next few months.