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He was Lino Banfi’s most beloved, and today the family’s Ciccio di un Doctor is shortened to this |  He is unrecognizable at only 36 years old

He was Lino Banfi’s most beloved, and today the family’s Ciccio di un Doctor is shortened to this | He is unrecognizable at only 36 years old

Ciccio Martini was the hero of “Un Medico in Famiglia”. And so it became after abandoning imagination

Michael Cadedo is a name that apparently means nothing and is even unknown to some. But that is not the case at all as it defines one of the most popular TV characters to the general public ever since He was just a kid.

Michael was born in 1987 in Milan and has a sister named Eleonora Cadedo, also famous in the world of acting. The two young men have been acting in the same TV series for many years and starred in “Family doctor“.

Michael and Eleonora are certainly better known by their stage names Ciccio And Annoccia martini. Their first appearance in the novel that Italians love first appeared in 1998, and for many years they have kept the whole nation company.

For more than 7 years it has been Lino Banfi’s nephew, the Martini family’s beloved centerpiece. A real family atmosphere was created between the heroes of the TV series, so much so that even today they are united by a truly special bond.

Chisio Martini, what did he do after the fantasy

Ciccio Martini, born Michael Cadedo, was the nephew of the famous man His grandfather is free. A TV drama that has given Italians a lot of emotions for more than 15 years. In 2013, at the age of 26, the actor decided Giving up his role in Family doctor And he continues on his way. Thus he closes a chapter of his life that was essential for his personal growth.

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Until now, Michael’s life is completely different, but despite everything, viewers can never forget him. In an interview he conducted a while ago withDirect – it’s not Durso“, I confess: “My life is very different but I will always be Lino Banfi’s nephewLet’s see together what happened to the beloved Cicio Martini from Un Medico in Famiglia.

This is how Cicio Martini became today – Instagram credit “filmandserietv” –

Do you remember Cicio Martini? This is what he does after abandoning imagination

Michael Cadedo’s success came thanks to television fiction Family doctor. However, his entry into the world of entertainment happened much earlier. When he was just two years old, he was chosen as the face of many Commercials He participates in many television programs such as “Golden Zekino” And “You know the latestAt the age of twenty-six he made a radical decision to leave the television and presenter scene His life is elsewhere.

The young man’s last appearance dates back to 2019 when he gave an interview in Barbara Durso’s living room. Michael said he left Italy and moved there Germany with his wife Valentina Stefoti. He decided to devote himself to his second passion, horses, and became a very successful horseman. Michael too Pope From the little one PerseusBorn in 2018.