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Jedi, the first year of Elkann closes 166 million in red: 71 million of admissions lost.  Ad has collapsed by nearly 20%

Jedi, the first year of Elkann closes 166 million in red: 71 million of admissions lost. Ad has collapsed by nearly 20%

First year of management Elcan From Jedi group It closes in red 166 million. Fabio Pavese reports, While specifying how to publisher RepublicAnd the Printing pressAnd the Nineteenth centuryThree radio stations and various local newspapers were absent 71 million admissions in 2020And the The year passed under the control of 89% of finances Exor (in May). In fact, revenues have fallen to 533 million Dai 604 For 2019, dry cut more ten rotation. The group is already incurring an operational loss also (-12 million).

Jedi also – the article continues – he had to do Write the goodwill Headers for 82 million In Euros with Republic To record the largest loss in value. It’s up to 24 million Fee expense renewal, a 11 million Those for selling some secondary prints. The purge of balance sheet values ​​continues for the fourth year in a row: De Benedetti, the group’s long-time owners, had previously Size Before handing over to Agnelli Holding. In fact, Jedi has recovered from the accumulated losses already in the period from 2017 to 2019 260 million And now with the additional deficit of 2020 they have reached the quota 426 million.

after every thing ,Transcription bleeding The newspapers that sell the group show no sign of stopping. In fact, what contributes the most to the revenue collapse is Definition of (He lost 13 million in a year) and above all AdvertisingThat collapsed by nearly 20%. In particular, the decrease in sales Republic – The most important publication in the book – over the years beats the release of its historical competitor Corriere della Sera From Urbano Cairo. And the DigitalAs it grows, it does not make up for losses at newsstands. That’s the CEO Maurizio Scannafino Preparing for a radical restructuring, with a series of actions ranging from Huge retirements a Republic e Printing press In conclusion Local offices, reach to Rationalization From the magazine portfolio. The Italian version of the online newspaper was among the first victims Interested in the trade, On the brink of closure.

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