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James Webb Space Telescope: Another supernova discovered thanks to gravitational lensing

James Webb Space Telescope: Another supernova discovered thanks to gravitational lensing

Along with the brown dwarfs of IC 348 (which are relatively nearby) or the closest Uranus, James Webb Space Telescope One was observed in early December Supernova Which is located in a galaxy far, far away. This survey was made possible by Gravitational lens Resulting in the signal being amplified while distorting the image. the Gravity lenses They are essential for scientists, allowing them to observe phenomena that would otherwise be too faint even for powerful instruments such as… JWST.

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In particular, this phenomenon became possible thanks to a large group of galaxies called galaxies Macintosh J0138.0-2155. The galaxy that was observed thanks to Gravitational lens Takes a name MRG-M0138 It is located 10 billion light-years from Earth (at a time when the universe was relatively still “young man”).


The peculiarity of this galaxy is that in 2019, a supernova explosion was observed in images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope three years ago. In the case of the HST, 105W and F160W filters were used. The synergy between multiple telescopes (ground-based or space-based) is certainly one of the strengths of having instruments that can detect at different wavelengths but also at different times, taking advantage of the fact that Hubble has now been in orbit for many years (which helps) as scientists do who work with the web).

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for the tool nercam Follower James Webb Space Telescope Alternatively, F115W and F150 filters (1.15 µm and 1.5 µm) were used, F200W and 277W filters (2.0 µm and 2.77 µm) were assigned blue color and F356W and F444W filters (3.56 µm and 4.44 µm) were assigned green color. the Red. because of Gravitational lens The supernova flare has been photographed twice while a third image is expected around 2035.

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