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Sleeping peacefully, is it better with or without pajamas?  Here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for for a long time

Sleeping peacefully, is it better with or without pajamas? Here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for for a long time

Many people often wonder whether it is better to sleep in pajamas or naked. A question that is often asked It sparks real discussions With fans of this or that trend who come down to the field with explanations. However, according to science, the answer seems to be the same and very likely It’s different than you imagine.

Sleeping feeling rested is the most important thing so you can count on properly restorative sleep. However, other factors should be added to this aspect, such as the body temperature under the covers and in the room where you sleep and rest. Parameters that can change from person to person Which leads to different results.

Is it better to sleep naked or clothed? What does science say

In this regard, many studies have also been conducted, one of which was published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, where it was concluded that DrSleeping without pajamas can be beneficial for speeding up the body’s cooling process To maintain a more constant temperature and thus be able to improve sleep quality. Conversely, pajamas that are heavy, tight, or irritate to the skin can lead to frequent awakenings that can ruin your sleep.

How does he sleep?
Which is better, sleeping in pajamas or naked? (

Then sleep appeared It would be better without pajamas because they help reduce stress levels, improve intimate health (especially for those who are used to wearing tight clothes) and improve skin quality. Obviously, in order to sleep naked, you need to use at least one extra blanket and change your underwear often. Furthermore, specific situations should be taken into account when it may be too cold despite the extra blanket or you prefer to have something warm on your skin (especially if you often get up at night to go to the bathroom). In this case, it is recommended to use light, non-tight pajamas Which doesn’t get too hot during the night.

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Indispensable aspects to sleep properly and to enjoy a pleasant awakening and be able to prepare for a good day. In conclusion, science says that it is better to sleep without clothes and with an extra blanket. If you really can’t, it is very important to choose light underwear and pajamas, from soft fabrics that do not irritate the skin. And all the care Choose the perfect location And no sweating during the night. An aspect that will lead to a difficult rest and a less pleasant awakening.