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Hurricane-force winds arrive –

Hurricane-force winds arrive –

Friday, December 22nd The strong pressure difference between the low pressure field located in central northern Europe and the high pressure field in the Iberian Peninsula will cause very strong winds to flow over our regions.. On the border peaks of the Alps, winds can be recorded at speeds exceeding 120 kilometers per hour. These winds, advancing southward along the valleys and into the Po Valley, will take the form of a fohn (or fohn), a strong wind that warms as altitude decreases. In fact, temperatures are expected to rise: on Saturday morning minimum temperatures in the Po Valley could reach 10 degrees and maximums reach 20 degrees Celsius. Experts warn Even on the plains there may be winds of 80 km/h, and on the Tyrrhenian coasts of Sardinia and Sicily, the speed of the mistral can reach 100 km/h. Possibility of snowfall on the borders of the Alps from 800 meters and rain on the Tyrrhenian coasts of Calabria and Sicily.

– Forecast for Friday, December 22 from

Friday 22nd

Disturbing entry of stormy mistral winds around Sardinia. Snow storms on the border of the Alps at an altitude of 700-900 meters, where winds blow at a speed of 120 km/h. Rain in Calabria and Tyrrhenian Messina, and heavy rain in Cilento. Clear skies and a very mild climate in the north where the Faun will blow, very cloudy in the Tyrrhenian regions, and brighter elsewhere.

– forecast for Saturday, December 23

Saturday 23rd

Today will be irregularly cloudy skies over most areas, and will be clearer only in the central-southern Adriatic Sea and also cloudy on the southern Tyrrhenian coast, with rain showers from time to time. Temperatures will rise strongly in the northwest, as the fohn will warm the climate in many cities, as it will feel like spring. A little snow on the border of South Tyrol. Maximum temperatures rise sharply with values ​​close to 20°C. Strong mistral winds in Sardinia, moderate elsewhere but with mostly dry weather, although skies will be irregularly cloudy on the island and in the Tyrrhenian regions, as well as in Umbria. It will be brighter and more visible in other places. In the south, today will be mostly dry, but skies will be partly cloudy in Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily, and clear in Puglia. Some rain may affect the Tyrrhenian coast, especially in Campania. Temperatures rise with pleasant weather during the day.

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