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It's Semper Mezzogiorno, the stunt everyone has been waiting for has arrived: “The chef must return.”

It's Semper Mezzogiorno, the stunt everyone has been waiting for has arrived: “The chef must return.”

It's Always Midday Ray – Facebook –

There is talk of a major indiscretion closely related to the blonde Antonelina programme. “The chef must come back.”

Fabulous has been around for a few years now Antonella Clerici He is charming the very dense crowd of His fans Through his famous program broadcast on Rai Uno during meal times It's always midday. Here, along with his kindergarten Chef friendsoffers an incredible amount of Captivating recipes To then be quietly proposed back in Our kitchens.

They definitely are Very diverse They range, even with a certain ease, From starter to dessert. So it's a real full meal every time, Veterans So to speak also of Phone calls from home Of competitors who are trying Get a big prize pooltries his luck Fun games Suggested by broadcast.

Until now A long and stressful lockdownWhich appeared in our lives now 4 years ago and remained firmly established in our minds, another cooking program was broadcast. Let's talk about Cook testWho saw him as a host Antonella Clerici Even her pregnancy from which she gave birth was wonderful the followingand then Elisa Isoardi.

Therefore, the latter remained at the helm of power Cooking show Until its closure, after which it took a few years before it deservedly regained its place in the sun on the company's mainnet. Viale Mazziniall the way to management Green line. between Elissa H Antonella It has long been rumored that there was a strong rivalry between the two, but there was a rivalry between them He categorically denied everything related to him.

It's always middaya very popular program among arrivals and departures

We can say that with his appearance in Rai Uno's schedule, It's always midday It filled the hearts of fans with joy Clergy, but also all-out TV cooking enthusiasts. The truth is that those who speak in this direction are… Audience ratingswhich is always very high.

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while Antonella He always stayed put, but the same couldn't be said for the others chef friends, As she herself likes to introduce them. In fact, from the beginning of the program in its first version until today, thanks to the most diverse reasons, we have witnessed different comings and goings. Participants in aprons. But for now, people on the web seem to think so He expressed himself About one of them in particular.

Ignorance of the program
It's Always Midday – Instagram –

“The chef must come back,” the audience speaks clearly

Since then, I have seen Importance practically Social media vitality a Media level Nowadays, the program also has an official Instagram profile, where everything is carefully documented, as well as the attractive news you are about to see on the small screen. Here's a comment He seemed to have woken up I The more nostalgic side From the most loyal kindergarten.

“Chef Boosie “I have to go back,” said one of the users who, apparently, was unable to hide her nostalgia for the beautiful past Simone Bozzihad to leave due to the consequences Very invasive treatment Which he exposed himself to. It is therefore clear that, as many feared, They didn't forget each other at all. at this point Antonelina himself SimonAfter learning of this appeal, will they give their response? All we have left is I wait for!