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It's not your fault if you wake up tired, Wi-Fi has something to do with it: Science reveals what happens when you sleep

It's not your fault if you wake up tired, Wi-Fi has something to do with it: Science reveals what happens when you sleep

Do you often feel tired and can't sleep at night? It could be your Wi-Fi fault: Here's what happens when you sleep

Unfortunately, in recent years insomnia seems to be a common aspect among more and more people. The anxiety that constantly arises during the night hours, the stress accumulated during the day due to work or household chores and various tasks, the chronic fatigue that accumulates and becomes increasingly difficult to get rid of: in short, various factors can lead to the appearance of insomnia.

How does Wi-Fi affect sleep quality?

But did you know that in addition to all this, The presence of Wi-Fi at home also negatively affects our sleep and its quality? Let's see what scientists have to say about it and what actually happens when you sleep.

insomnia? It's all the fault of the Wi-Fi network!

Nowadays, we all have a Wi-Fi modem in our home. The latter allows us to surf the Internet at the speed we want (currently increasingly faster). Watching movies, working from home, taking exams remotely, looking for video lessons to follow, etc. Moreover, you can of course also connect your mobile phone to the latter, thus not consuming mobile data.

Unfortunately, science has made a truly shocking discovery: Wi-Fi can be a major cause of insomnia. Let's find out how this happens.

Wi-Fi causes insomnia at night –

As scientist Magda Havas announced, turning on your cell phone and Wi-Fi at night can be dangerous to our health and especially to our brain. The reason is very simple: the wires inside the wall, the Wi-Fi network and even those of the cell phone, tend to accumulate in our body and therefore in the central nervous system, activating it and leaving us awake. In this way, our body will receive impulses similar to those arriving during the day, which allow us to stay awake: a real shock!

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This is why it is highly recommended to avoid turning on Wi-Fi during the night: You probably just need to turn the button on the back of the modem off and on again in the morning. This ensures perfect sleep throughout the night. Regarding the cell phone, if we really cannot turn it off for personal reasons (availability at work or other), we can put it in another room to prevent its electromagnetic waves from negatively affecting the quality during operation. Our night's sleep. To all this we also add a powerful treatment with zinc and magnesium which will help us a lot in sleep.