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It's like the euro but it's a foreign currency: the most common mistakes

It’s like the euro but it’s a foreign currency: the most common mistakes

Have you ever confused between the old 500 lira and the current 2 euros? The problem can also occur with foreign currencies.

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Receiving a change in currencies is usually a fairly small act. Especially at the exit from the supermarket, receiving leftovers in coins prompts us to speed up their recovery, put everything in the wallet without paying much attention to whether the bill is correct, and above all, coins are really original coins. Yes, Because it could have happened to some of us, When it comes to looking for change, to find yourself in a certain currency. Strange thing, on the spot, we identified it as a €2 piece, but upon closer inspection it proved to be something else.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the details, since there are coins that are actually similar to our 2 euro but belong to the minting of countries certainly far from the European Union. Sometimes it is easy to go wrong even with The latest version of the old 500 liraPerhaps they are kept as souvenirs which, by mistake, end up in our wallets leading to annoying misunderstandings. Now, since tourism prefers to travel to and from countries outside the European Union, it is not impossible for some coins of another currency to enter circulation. And some of them may lead us to real missteps.

Looks like 2 euros but it’s other coins: which ones to watch out for

It is curious how the chromaticity of the currencies of so many countries unites. The silver border and golden interior typical of Eurowin is a fantasy that has been taken up on more occasions than you might think. The 500 lira example confirms that the trend was definitely before the introduction of the euro. For one thing, if someone travels to Uruguay, they will surely get a 10 peso coin at the exchange rate, Color matched for €2 Its value is about 20 cents. A distracted gaze can be misleading, although the differences are quite clear. But if Uruguay is a limiting example, just like the many risks that can be taken with the Egyptian pound. Value, only 0.05€ but the details are the same as ours, had it not been for the pharaoh mask on the back.

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Egyptian Pound
Egyptian Pound – Photo © AdobeStock

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The same goes for 1 euro coins, which can be confused with other similar coins belonging to foreign currencies. The Turkish lira for example, which is worth 0.09 euros, is surprisingly similar to our second largest currency. The same is true of the Argentine peso, with a gold rim and a silver center. In this case, The difference in value between the two currencies is very badTwo pesos from a South American country equals only 0.0086 euros. A Jamaican dollar coin, equal to 11 euro cents, is also quite similar. Of course, just be careful not to make mistakes. But, as we’ve seen, in the case of “bridging”, more often than not, that’s what’s missing.