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Italy's best-selling cars are deadly to pedestrians  The number of deaths increased by 30%

Italy's best-selling cars are deadly to pedestrians The number of deaths increased by 30%

Big car – –

It seems that in this recent period there is a kind of “negative air” that can be breathed around one of the most loved and sold car models all over the world, and not just here.

In Italy as elsewhere, not only for fashion but for a series of structural, aesthetic and performance reasons, there is a type of car that… Desertedpick one up Extend consensus.

And the best selling model, Statistics are at hand, but it seems, by many, ironically, even the most abused: yes, because there are quite a few Criticisms Let the rain fall on him.

What will they be and why? Who will they come? And above all, what type of model it is The car we're talking about? Obviously, many have undoubtedly already guessed what it is.

Just walking down the street To look at the similarity between several models in transit to understand which type is the most popular: as you say “numbers”, we are talking about, SUVs.

SUVs, criticisms that spark discussion: Safety is at stake

And the SUVs The kind of car that Italians, and not just them, love at this particular historical moment. However, they also appear to be the most dangerous type of vehicle overall for pedestrians. That's right: according to a statistic that has sparked a lot of debate, the number of… deadso that it will be in Thirty percent growth From this point of view. but why?

SUVs It represents a danger Larger, compared to other types of cars, compared to pedestrians Who find themselves crossing the road. It is a type of analysis to which the research was added: a study he developed justin Tindall, Professor of Economics at the University of Hawaii. What would this type of analysis be? On two main basic concepts: Size and electricity.

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SUVs, are they really that dangerous?

According to the study, between 2000 and 2019 there would have been an increase of 30 percent deaths Between pedestrians and Tyndall, will be linked to the development of SUVs. According to the teacher, the increase in the weight and size of the car is linked to the presence of batteries in the models electricitythat would affect.

At the beginning of the millennium, it was an average weight 1.745 kg, While in 2019 It was 1.931 kg: Or more 10%, In addition to a 21.5% increase in the presence of larger and heavier cars on the road, which leads to increased risks to pedestrians due to collisions, even if accidental, on the road. greatest weight, Greater size and speed Driving will be greater risk factors, in the event of a collision, to pedestrians.