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Italy-Ukraine, report cards: Fratesi works, Locatelli stitches


Goals of the match between Italy and Ukraine 2-1


Coach Spalletti 7

He needed a struggling Italy, which was able to push itself beyond the hurdle of holding a ticket for Euro 2024. He designed it as he wanted it, and got the answers he needed. The rest will take time.

Donnarumma 6.5

He makes a good save on Dovbek and miraculously deprives him of the second goal. Sure, some whistles turned into applause (but in the second half, under the curve of “his” ex, there was misfortune…). I noticed the support (in the warm-up and at the end of the first half) from Vicario, who was great in this as well.

Di Lorenzo 6.5

Italy’s first shot was from long range. He holds his position well in both phases, is sharp in attack.

Scalvini 7

Giant, very good at tagging, the client (Dovbyk, a kind of wardrobe) is no pushover. While we were at it, his head hit the crossbar in the attack.

Sticks 6

Cautious, careful in defense, careful in closing the Dovbeck area, which we missed.

Demarco 6

Defending balls on the wing, shame on the “involuntary” assist to Yarmolenko’s goal.

Biraghi (Sh. 12) 6

It comes and it’s not always accurate.

Fratesi 8

We wonder why he doesn’t play regularly for Inter. Spalletti had changed positions with Barella, in one shot: it worked. Doubling up is legitimate and sublime theft.

Locatelli 7

He stops Ukraine’s progress and loses a ball that could have cost us dearly. He threads where there are holes like a seamstress, hits the crossbar that looks like a goal.

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Stretcher 6.5

In the initial stages he leads the midfield, expanding and centralizing. Maybe less brilliant and lasting than usual, but it’s hard to give up.

Christanti (38th Street) St

It entered well, however.

Zaniolo 6.5

Present, at least at first, he picks up the pace and sets the tone for the pressure. He has a falling moment and, like most Azzurri players, the right winger is affected to some extent. Raspadori needs a golden ball, and Bushchan commits from a distance.

Orsolini (No. 27) 6

The latest entrant to the blue group takes part in the case.

Raspadori 6.5

Double dribble: in the first, he steals the ball from the opponent, and in the second, he shoots a golden ball high. New false with group license, works, Bushchan deprives him of the goal in the second half.

Retegui (Sh. 27) 6

It attempts to act as a buffer for inclusion.

Zakagne 7

Taking advantage of Sudakov’s mistake, he recovers the ball and the constant danger becomes 1-0, always trying to beat the opponent. Spalletti wanted to get him back even at the last minute, and here’s why.

Junto (12th Street) 6

He has the ball at his feet to make it 3-1, then steps back. But the right-wing dynamism is growing.


Coach Reproof 6

Quality and dribbling were not enough this time.

Bushchan 6

He’s not technically perfect on the counter, but he makes good saves for Raspadori.

Connoble 5.5

He often leaves his skill set empty, and is more dynamic in attack.

Zbarni 5.5

He is preceded by Raspadori, who almost mocks him.

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Krivtsov 6

Of the two, he is the more tiring centre-back, and a lot happens in his box.

Mikulenko 5

Often overshadowed by the Blue Dodgers.

Stepanenko 5.5

Little dam, lots of smoke.

Sidorchuk (28th Street) 6

Better than whoever came out.

Zinchenko 6

Movement, to try to give dynamism, is not always accurate.

Buyalski (St. 29) SV

Can’t see it.

Yarmolenko 6.5

It is the goal that worries Italy.

Modric (Sh. 13) 6

It adds something to the maneuver.

Sudakov 5

He loses a bloody ball that costs his team dearly.

Tsygankov 6

He positions himself, leaving room for his teammates to introduce themselves.

Fanat (Street 29) St

No more, no less

Dovpik 6.5

He challenges the Azzurri defense alone and forces Donnarumma to perform two miracles, the second of which comes the goal that put us in trouble. Awesome.

Yaremchuk (13th Street) 6

Maybe we were entitled to something more.


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