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Italy tonight, "If they pay their taxes they fail."  Pietro Sansonetti and the delusion of tax evasion and flat taxes - Il Tempo

Italy tonight, “If they pay their taxes they fail.” Pietro Sansonetti and the delusion of tax evasion and flat taxes – Il Tempo

Georgia Peretti

“If a part of Italy starts paying it tomorrow morning, it will fail,” discusses the impact of taxes on summer holidays in studiosWeekend in Italy tonight“Access primetime talk show conducted by Veronica Gentile, broadcasts on Rete 4, hosts director reformerAnd the Pietro Sansonetti. “Italy – the beginning of the presenter – is the fourth country in the world in terms of fiscal pressure on GDP.” The reporter plans to attack against tax proposal الاقتراح From the center right, enter flat tax. A low and uniform rate of all that would lead to greater financial justice, the emergence of tax evasion and increased revenue for the state. Sansonetti has a different opinion: “The center-right proposes as a solution to lower taxes even flat tax الضريبة. It is an idea because it produces development, however, the concern is not that it can be done without a project to control the public expenditure of the state because if we reduce revenues and if we have no means to reduce expenditures it is not the case. Clear where we can go.” I finished here? Obviously not, because it continues like this: “We must know that in Italy a part of the population pays all taxes, and the part does not pay all taxes. This party that doesn’t pay all taxes if they start paying them tomorrow morning will go bankrupt. So it’s not like it would be such a simple solution, over the years Create a system where for exampleTax evasion is almost necessary“.

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In short, for Sansonite, tax evasion is necessary for a segment of the country. After a few seconds, he repeated: “Don’t get me wrong, but it’s almost necessary, so I imagine a piece of the South if you start paying taxes tomorrow, everyone it has to pay will fail massively. There are millions of unemployed, it would be an economic disaster, Then a reform of this kind cannot be done in a week, and I think the flat tax is nonsense.”

Such nonsense that for a journalist it is better to avoid it altogether, preferring the “progressive direction”. He finally concludes, “The problem is the restructuring of the entire economic system. It is something that transcends the traditional right- or left-wing schemes. These things do not want to say anything or overhaul the tax authorities and the relationship between tax authorities and the economy and/or research is laid out, you can only Disasters happen and it stays better.” In short, for Sansonite, it seems preferable to maintain “necessary evasion” than to impose a flat tax capable of reducing the tax burden on the citizens.