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Italy: Is it the new Greece?

Italy: Is it the new Greece?

We all still have an unusual memory in our memory Greek debt restructuring A few years ago. You will have also read my posts on the topic of Italy and public debt management.

The scenario has definitely worsened for our country and Coronavirus has certainly not helped. We are now faced with a somewhat paradoxical situation in retrospect. Who would have imagined that our religion had become more profitable than the Greek religion?
The chart is initially symbolic. In both five and ten years, Italy outperforms Greece. Obviously this means nothing, but it is certainly not pleasant to see that we are now the best performer in the Eurozone. JUST DUST THE PIIGS. In 10 years, Italy is undisputedly leading in revenues. It is not a record to be proud of and it will necessarily have repercussions on our public finances.

Danilo DT

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