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Pensions, will my Draghi actually raise the allowance?  What do we know

Pensions, will my Draghi actually raise the allowance? What do we know

A higher pension allowance to meet inflation-related increases. This was announced by the Draghi government, explaining to the unions that it wanted to anticipate a pension reassessment that was only due to take place in January next year. Will the pension benefits actually rise? When and how much? Let’s go in order.

The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, has made it clear that the reassessment of pensions will be brought forward to the second half of 2022. It is one of the moves under consideration. It is not “rumours” or “rumours” as they say, but it is one of the points that the Prime Minister brought to the table on the occasion of the new meeting with the unions. After the resignation of the government and the call for snap elections on 25 September, the government takes charge of current affairs. The downfall of the executive branch led to a change of plans, which led to a reconsideration of priorities. On the one hand, there is an acceleration of procedures that must necessarily be completed within specific deadlines, and on the other hand there is an obstruction of important procedures that the Draghi government intends to complete by the end of the year. Among the “heavy” classes there are pensions. So let’s see what happens and why the check might change (for the better) sooner than expected.

Annuities, reassessment of INPS بدل allowance

Annuities change over time. There is a mechanism for re-evaluation, i.e., adjustment to inflation. Year-on-year inflation in 2022 is estimated at more than 8%, and hasn’t been higher since the mid-1980s, which means – without going into the details of the calculations and amounts – that the adjustment will also be significant: more checks are higher and thus help those who collect the pension to make ends meet. .

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The news today is that the government can offer a pension reassessment. We don’t have to wait for the new year. The solution must enter the new aid decree, unions made clear at the end of the summit with the government. “I assure that the government will not abandon workers, pensioners and companies,” Draghi told ministers Cgil, Cisl and Uil and in the presence of ministers Franco, Giorgetti, Patuanelli, Orlando and Brunetta.

“They accepted a series of our requests. So it seems to me that today’s meeting is on the right track,” said Maurizio Landini, leader of the General Consultative Group on Democracy (CGIL). “We have not yet been told the amount and quantities will be included in the decree – he explained – but I noticed how I decided to extend the bonus of 200 euros for those who did not have it, to anticipate a reassessment of pensions. From January to date, announcing the study of the hypothesis of increasing the discount to increase the net Workers’ salaries, they are all proposals that we have formally put on the table and have put forward in recent months.”

Help decree, what will happen to the 200 euro bonus and why will the salary be heavier

“Next week the government expects to refer the aid decree bis to the Cabinet – the leader of the Independent Internet Services Association, Spar – added. The decree will extend the intervention in the bill cuts to families in difficulty,” he added.

“The reassessment of pensions is expected from January – confirmed the Secretary-General of the UIL, Pierpaolo Bombardieri. – so we also asked for structural interventions. There was no mention of VAT intervention, which we oppose and there is an ‘idea’ of action to encourage or reduce Tax reduction in companies and sectors that do not renew contracts.

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On the other hand, a more comprehensive pension reform is still at stake. Draghi wanted to give life to a new plant and the end of 2022 was a time horizon. With the fall of the government, public reform disappeared and soon the issue returned to being a succulent topic Election campaign.

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