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"Italian Space Research Between Past and Future" at ASI

“Italian Space Research Between Past and Future” at ASI

A journey in space activities from the past to the future, to show how cooperation between institutions and universities has made our country at the forefront of the international scientific scene. This is the heart of the meeting “Italian space science and research between the past and the future” held at the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency – today from 9.00 – and in live broadcast.

The initiative is coordinated between ASI, the research bodies Cnr, Inaf, Infn and the academic world, institutions with which the Italian Space Agency remembers it “always collaborates in research and space-related sciences, financing and managing most of the areas associated with the projects it has developed”. The aim of the meeting is to clarify the Italian excellence in this sector, describe the role of our country in the past and present national and international missions and its development in the fields of cosmology, high energy and space sciences.

Giorgio Sacuccia, head of the Italian Space Agency, participates in the meeting. Maria Cristina Mesa, Minister of University and Research. Bruno Tabachi, Under-Secretary of State for the Prime Minister in charge of space activities. This is followed by interventions from the heads of the academic world and research bodies, among others the president of the Sphere Conference of Italian University Rectors, Ferruccio Resta; Maria Chiara Carosa, CNR Number One; and INAF chairs, Marco Taffani, and Antonio Zucoli, who trace the role of research and science in Italian space history.

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