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It sounds amazing, but this 2 euro coin can be worth 150x

It sounds amazing, but this 2 euro coin can be worth 150x

The field of aggregation, especially at the European level, is undergoing a significant fermentation stage.
In fact, more and more people are trying to grab the rare coins circulating through weeks On the web and social groups.

As we have explained several times in ProiezionidiBorsa, the value of some currencies may exceed the face value. This happens when we are in the presence of minting errors or commemorative coins. Or when we encounter coins minted in a few pieces, or just in FDC/FS.

These last two abbreviations refer to the special case of coin keeping. FDC Stands for “Fior Di Conio”, while FS It means “proof”.
In the first case, it is a coin that has never been circulated and maintains the same condition it was in when it came out of the mint.
In the second case, we will have a coin that undergoes a certain treatment that makes the chests speculative. So it’s not really a state of conservation, but a different production method.

Having said that, we will now analyze the 2 euro coin that we can find only and exclusively at FDC / FS.

It sounds amazing, but this 2 euro coin can be worth 150x

The currency that we are going to talk about today is the 2 euro coin that was minted in Portugal in 2007.
With a diameter of 25.75 mm and a weight of 8.5 grams, this coin has a copper-nickel crown and a copper-nickel center.

On the straight ahead We have in the center the image of the Portuguese royal seal of 1144, while on the edges there are 7 castles and 5 coats of arms.
Among these symbols is the inscription “Portugal” at the top, while the year 2007 is inscribed at the bottom.
On the outside, 12 five-pointed stars, the symbol of the European Union, are engraved.
On the reflect, we find the common side of the euro coins, with the inscription of 2 euros and the borders of the European Union.

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The value of this coin is based on the fact that it is present only in the FDC/FS conditions described above.
Coins minted at FDC are only 12,500 and can be worth between 150 and 200 euros. For coins of the FS, minted in 2500 copies, the value can exceed 300 euros.
In fact, it sounds amazing, but this 2 euro coin can be worth 150 times as much.
However, there are also coins in circulation whose value may be more than the value expressed in the introduction, as in the case of 2 Irish Euros for 2018.