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He falls asleep while driving his Tesla Model 3 – Auto World


Tesla is definitely one of the world’s most advanced automakers in technology development Autonomous driving. This does not mean that the system developed by the Palo Alto brand has already reached the pinnacle of safety: it is no coincidence that the driver always adheres to attention, so that he can intervene if necessary. Something that a Tesla Model 3 owner in the US could not do after being taken aback sleeping He drives his electric range in autonomous driving mode.

Tesla, new promises of autonomous driving

The Tesla 3 in question was traveling on a one-way highway Constant speed of 130 km / h. Warning of what was happening over a phone call, the police immediately set off on an electric car chase for the Palo Alto home, surprising the driver asleep at the wheel. A race that lasted more than 3 kilometers, during which the police car siren changed the intensity of the sound to warn the driver, for the first few moments to no avail. The concerned Tesla Model 3 driver, as soon as he wakes up, has it ApproachedHe repeated to the police officer several times that he had not actually slept, citing the fact that the autopilot system periodically required drivers to put their hands on the steering wheel.

She did not consider the justification of the 38-year-old by the police, considering it not the first time this had happened: Already two more times Police have received a notification about an apparently sleeping man driving a Tesla Model 3 with the same license plate like this one. That is why the penalty was applied this time: in total, the driver had to pay a fine of $ 187 Reckless driving. Since the man was found unable to drive again, the police decided to transport the Tesla 3 in question via a wrecker.

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