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It dominates

It dominates

«The Delta variant It becomes too much, thus avoiding Vaccines Will be“.The CDC, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are concerned that the delta variant may “soon become a dominant strain in the United States.” Although the speed of vaccination in the United States is now very high, health officials are starting new alarms to prevent it Virus Defend America again.

Delta variation in 80 countries

Doctor Rochelle Valensky, Said the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention «Very contagious“: That He explained this to ABC News in an interview with “Good Morning America”. Since being identified in India in October, the so-called delta variant has been reported by more than 80 countries around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Meanwhile, the strain is already there «Found in at least 41 U.S. states», The CDC has always included recent reports on the progression of the disease.

WHO has announced Delta «Variation of interest» Last month and this week the CDC updated its strain classification «Variation of interest» a «Anxiety variation». OfficersWHO Variations of concern have been shown to spread more easily than others, they said. «When these viruses mutate, they bring some benefits to the virus. In this case, it’s very contagious»Valensky said. «More contagious than this Variation The alpha, or British variant, we have here. Over the course of one to two months we saw it rapidly becoming dominant, and I predict what will happen with the delta type..

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Lampta variant, what is it? Symptoms, vaccine efficacy and why the WHO called it “curious.”

According to Valensky, the CDC is concerned about changing the delta variant to the point where it can puncture existing Govt vaccines. «This is really what we are actively trying to prevent, which is why we encourage people to get vaccinated: our vaccines are now working because of this delta strain-like anxiety and its hyper-transmissibility level. Now they really need two doses or are fully vaccinated to work. You will be protected from this delta variation with two levels“. One, on the other hand, seems to be” no. “

Vaccines, Anti-Variety Program: General practitioners hunting to vaccinate people over 50 years of age

Dr. Ashish Jah, Dean, Brown University School of Public Health, Providence «This is more contagious than any variation we have seen International spread. It seems a little more dangerous for those who are infected», Ja told ABC News in an interview. «What we see is that our vaccines seem to be generally stabilized, and we see some other breakthrough diseases as well.».

Since the outbreak, there have been more than 33.5 million cases of Covid-19 in the United States and more than 600,000 deaths, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University. Although the daily number of confirmed new infections continues to decline nationwide, some parts of the country continue to struggle with bags of outbreaks, especially in areas with low vaccination rates. Covit-19 data from the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services show five states: Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Utah. Significant increase of 37% Or an average of seven day cases in the last two weeks. The rates of fully vaccinated residents in these five states are below the national average.

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Youth and Vaccines – Meanwhile, there are reports of heartburn in vaccinated young people. More than 300 confirmed cases of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle or pericarditis, and inflammation of the structure around the sock around the heart have been reported in the United States – this has happened to people under the age of 30 who have been vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna, according to the CDC.

According to the CDC, most patients who received treatment responded well to the medication and quickly felt better. Health officials are still investigating whether there is a link to the Govt vaccine. The CDC Advisory Committee will meet this week to discuss the matter. «We are definitely taking care of everything»Valensky said. «We will be interested in analyzing the data during the summit». The CDC still recommends vaccinating all young people over the age of 12, but strongly recommends anyone suffering «Chest pain, shortness of breath or rapid heartbeat within a week of injection», Access a doctor.

Coincidentally, experts warn that geographical differences in vaccine rates could divide the country. «Two Americas» The delta variant is in areas with low vaccine coverage – if ever the most feasible.

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