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Back and forth after the Tar judgment

Back and forth after the Tar judgment

Case report, question and answer between Roy host after Lazio TAR’s verdict Seekpride Ranusi And spouse of Italia Viva Luciano Noble. “I am the son of a policeman. For me, the law is above all else. The law allows me to protect more evidence. And I will do it until I die. Noble, on the contrary, must report better information. If Nobili does not know, the sources and press action – which surprises me because he is a Member of Parliament – are protected by the Constitution “, Ranucci told Adnkronos, based on Nobili’s words, as well as the fabrication of the report’s fabrications, which severely tarnished the conduct of the conductor’s sources.

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“Suspicion – Answers Ranusi – is only in the document presented by Nobili as an investigation against the report, which was certified as false by history. In it he revealed the sources of the report. This is his view on press freedom. He should be well aware that he can deny it. He shows that he does not know the constitution and the law of his country.

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