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Is your mobile phone not working well?  Find out this way

Is your mobile phone not working well? Find out this way

If your mobile phone starts experiencing problems and malfunctions, you should worry: it may be infected with malware.

Nowadays, it is really difficult to find someone without a smartphone. Especially after the pandemic that imposed social distancing, the spread of mobile phones has increased dramatically.

Smartphones are really very useful but at the same time they can also cause dangers. In fact, these devices have been targeted for some time by hackers trying to exploit vulnerabilities in smartphones to steal users' sensitive data and constantly threaten their privacy and security.

Is your cell phone not working well? It could be malware

But is it possible to understand when a smartphone was hacked? Are there any obvious signs that your phone has been hacked by cybercriminals?

Malware on mobile phones: how to detect and solve it (

Well, yes, when your phone is hacked by cybercriminals Some very clear aspects can be seen. It's all about knowing how to recognize them to intervene quickly and make your mobile phone safe again.

Despite constant security updates, Android smartphones are still affected by malware. Hackers are often able to bypass security measures Which puts users' personal data at risk. However, these viruses also show some signs that the device is infected.

Just to give an example, if we notice Advertisements and pop-ups that appear suddenly For no apparent reason, our smartphone is potentially at risk. The same applies if we notice that our mobile phone is running much slower and that there is an exaggerated data consumption compared to the past.

In addition, with the infected phone Applications may close unexpectedly Or they can install themselves for no reason. Finally, another aspect that must be carefully considered is regarding the battery: if it starts to consume excessively, we may encounter the action of malware.

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What to do if there is a virus on your phone: all the solutions

Therefore the advice is Periodically check the health of the battery. Simply open your phone's settings and tap first on Battery and then on Battery Usage. If the resulting graph shows a suspicious trend, it is very likely that malware is present.

What to do if your smartphone is hacked? If the scans performed on your phone confirm the presence of viruses and malware It is better to install antivirus software right away Among those that can be easily found on the Play Store. However, it is better to rely only on the most popular antivirus programs, such as Avast and Kaspersky.

Antivirus software can easily detect malicious applications or files and quickly proceed to remove them. In addition, it is better to go to Settings, then to Applications and Take a look at the list of existing applications. If we find a program that we don't remember installing, it's best to delete it immediately.