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Goodbye to the fingerprint button from smartphones: an amazing new invention from Xiaomi

Goodbye to the fingerprint button from smartphones: an amazing new invention from Xiaomi

The Chinese mobile phone giant is considering a new way to allow users to unlock smartphones more easily.

The arrival of fingerprint recognition technology has been a major revolution in the world of smartphones. It has made accessing our devices much easier and in many cases eliminated the tedious passwords we have to enter every time we unlock our phone. A few years later, facial recognition technology appeared, with which it was possible to access a smartphone without doing practically anything. Now, however, Both methods are about to be overtaken by an interesting innovation.

Almost all modern smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint recognition function –

It was the Chinese company Xiaomi that presented the project, which looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. By using our biometric data in a more sophisticated way, the company's new devices will be able to do this Identify users' digital footprint in a new and much easier to use way.

Phones are becoming increasingly secure and easy to unlock

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is one of the most anticipated models to be released next year. We've heard a lot about this device which seems to have a particularly powerful camera and will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. In addition to these technical specifications, one of the latest reports indicates that Xiaomi may also switch to an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Not only will this new scanner be faster, but it will also allow users to unlock their devices even when they can't use their fingers well, such as when their hands are wet.

The new Xiaomi models could integrate a new fingerprint recognition function –

Today, most smartphones have an under-display fingerprint scanner. Most are scanners, which take an image of the fingerprint when the finger is placed and compare it with the biometric data they have. It's a quick and cheap way to position a scanner, but it also has a major drawback. For the scanner to work and be recognized, the user must place his finger on a specific point. If your fingers are wet, moist, or greasy, the fingerprint scanner won't be able to verify your identity.

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That's why some brands have started using ultrasonic fingerprint scanners, which eliminate these drawbacks. These scanners emit ultrasound waves that bounce from your finger to the sensor. Therefore, it works even when the fingers are wet and even if the finger is not placed on a specific point.