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Is the Democratic Republic of the Congo in danger with the Meloni government? Below are the dates for future payments

The new government, which began its work a few days ago, has always spoken out against citizenship income, declaring several times that it has many changes that will make it more efficient for all.

The end of the year is approaching and the Meloni government has less and less time to provide the budget law, which will include all the provisions and measures that will affect Italy in the coming years, but many fear for the fate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Meloni Income and Citizenship –

Packing dates

Payments for October, November and December are safe, as there is no exceptional measure to prevent top-ups in these months. Even the payment methods will remain the same, INPS will in fact send the data to the Italian Post Office so that the amounts can be loaded into the purchase card for all eligible recipients.

So recipients can rest assured, INPS is already processing refills that will be paid around the 27th of the month, just as it was before Meloni arrived at Palazzo Chigi.

The only difference is related to the change of ministers, in fact Marina Calderoni will take care of the citizenship income from now on, replacing Andrea Orlando.

In November there will also be a one-time bonus of €150, provided by the Aid-ter dl established by the former Draghi government, intended for all citizens whose income in 2021 was less than 2021 €, obviously including RDC holders.

Income increase for the month of October
October Citizenship Income – pixabay

What changes will happen in 2023

The leader of the Brothers of Italy has repeatedly stated, also in the electoral program, that she wants to radically change the performance of citizenship income, but currently there is no big news, for which we will have to wait for the budget law scheduled for the end of the year.

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The complete abolition of this measure is a measure that was not at all foreseen in the plans of the new government, because the minister has always said that she is in favor of income, but also because Europe has repeatedly asked to maintain some form of guaranteed support for active groups of citizens more difficult.

Meloni, at least according to recent data, wants to increase the amounts for those unable to work, including people with severe disabilities, those with dependent minors and those who can’t be physically introduced into the world of work.

But at the same time, sums must be deducted from all citizens looking for work, investing in specialized training courses, employment and favorable agreements with companies, ensuring the formation of new jobs.