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Is iron consuming too much? If you use it at this time you can save a lot!

Undoubtedly, the iron is one of the household appliances with the highest electricity consumption. However, since you can’t do without it, there’s a way to save on your bill anyway: use it at a certain time of the day. Which? Let’s find out!

shirt ironing

Habits of each of us with respect to the use of iron But not only that, it varies from person to person. There are, in fact, those who prefer ironing in the morning, those who do it in the evening or those who simply devote themselves to it before wearing the item in question. Apart from the latter case, ironing is an activity It takes us a long time (on average an hour).

With me The huge rise in energy coststry to Save on your bill It is a common goal for all. But how can this be done? There is a very simple way to do it Peek at the watch And the preference for ironing time over others.

Although it is important, before doing this, to have a look at our power supply nodes as not all of them are the same and have the same hourly costs, it has been proven Consumption is much lower between 19:00 and 8:00. there evening and nightTherefore, he who, regardless of the contract, can make the difference In iron consumption that can reach 1 euro for an hour (on average).