Monday, July 22, 2024

Vegetarian cooking, what a passion. The offer in catering is increasing, and the savory outweighs the sweet in choices


When it comes to vegetarians, the endless derby between sweet and savory has a winner. For years, November has been a symbol of “International Vegetarian Month,” and on this occasion, Uber Eats decided to take stock of the direction of this food trend in Italy. From the analysis of the requests it was found that this year the Italians returned to eating salty food. Reversal of the trend if we consider that last year it was vegan desserts that were especially popular. Regardless of the trend, vegetarian eating is no longer just a fad but a real life philosophy that has led many restaurants to change their offerings to become more and more plant-based. In the last year alone, in fact, the Uber Eats app has seen a 63% increase in restaurants serving vegan options on the platform.
Of it all, Flower Burger (found in many cities including Milan, Rome and Turin), Figali and Milan’s Nana Fig Kitchen are still at the top of my favorites list. Vegetarian cuisine is most in demand in major cities: Milan, Naples and Rome are on the podium. Coming to the “more vegetarian” areas, Centrale is dominated by Milan, followed by Porta Venezia and Brera. In Naples, plants are very popular in the Arenella, Piedigrotta and Vomero regions. On the other hand, the Romans liked to eat vegetarian near the Colosseum, in Trastevere or in the Termini region.
Users also show their desire to incorporate more and more vegetarian food into their daily lives: From January to September 2022 there was an increase in orders of more than 22% compared to the same period last year. And if previously among the orders were different types of sweets such as croissants, brownies and cakes, this year the Italians demanded above all salty food: vegetarian carbonara and vegan burgers along with different types of side dishes and sauces are the most requested products (Source: Uber Eats internal data January 2021 – September 2022).


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