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Is nursing a profession with a limited number of hours?

Is nursing a profession with a limited number of hours?

Nursing is no longer attractive, foreign nurses choose other countries to work

In the 1990s, the average worker’s salary was 1,100,000 liras (about 550 euros).

A nurse who started her path at the age of 16, with a 3-year regional school, can earn around 2,000,000 liras at the age of 19.


The cost of living was sustainable, and approximately 80 million liras (equivalent to 40 salaries) were needed to buy a house.

Today a worker can earn around 1,400 euros, and a nurse with a degree of at least 22/23 years old, once hired, can earn around 1,400/1,600 euros.

The cost of living has increased significantly, to buy a house you need at least 160 thousand euros (equivalent to 100 salaries).

Professional responsibilities have increased significantly, and published information increasingly highlights chronic staff shortages leading to non-compliance with the National Employment Contract, as staff shortages hamper part of its implementation.

Many colleagues strongly advise the new generations not to pursue this profession because they have seen the collapse of dreams and expectations, stressful transitions, very high levels of burnout and relative deterioration of the quality of life, which is a completely opposite aspect to what happened in previous decades where the hope of future generations was a prosperous profession that sparked hope in everyone. He advised relatives and friends to practice this profession.

We wonder how we can ignore all this?

Is it really that difficult to conduct an analysis of this kind and uncover such clear evidence?

It was necessary to reach this point and see increasingly empty corridors, and courses that no longer saw mass registrations for entrance exams, where entry required a very high score.

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It is no longer possible to tell the daunting sentence to future generations, because the sentence has almost arrived.

To address all this, all it takes is that we realize together the single goal, which is to save the profession and thus ensure the health of citizens as well as existing workers.

Enough of the useless prescriptions to increase the skills of the few. This is not only a question of the entire nursing class, but also of the rest of the healthcare workers, who need fair recognition and respect for the working hours to do this profession.

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