Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Air Force: soon on board the International Space Station to contribute to the Italian space strategy


The Air Force will be on board Axiom Space’s Ax-3 mission, which is scheduled to launch no earlier than January 2024 and which will bring Col. Walter Velade on the International Space Station with an entirely European crew, which the American company officially announced today.

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto commented: “Having an Italian officer on board the mission is an essential step in the development of the Italian space strategy, in which the Ministry of Defense participates and supports the efforts of the government, institutions and companies of the country. This ensures that Italy moves towards an increasingly active presence in the field of defense and national security, while seizing the opportunities offered by the space economy.” New at the same time..

Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Sa Luca Goretti added: “On behalf of the entire Armed Forces, I express my satisfaction at the announcement of Axiom Space, which underscores our ability to train and support human activities in space, a natural extension of airspace.”.

This activity represents a unique opportunity for Italy to further strengthen its commitment towards safe and efficient access to space, and will also allow it to continue specializing and strengthening national skills in the field of space, also thanks to cooperation with the academic, industrial and space world. Entrepreneurial business.

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