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From BIZOC to NASA |  Today Treviso |  News

From BIZOC to NASA | Today Treviso | News

Pieve di Soligo/Frejona – On easy BIZOC, before dawn, there he was, his Nikon, and his star tracker (no, he’s not a superhero). There was also the expectation and hope of being able to photograph Comet Nishimura, which was discovered by the Japanese amateur astronomer on August 12. Hideo NishimuraWhich will be visible again in about 500 years. Waiting and hoping that was rewarded.

Filippo Silvestrin, a 31-year-old photographer from Pieve di Soligo, works with a Nikon camera. And – and this is the news that makes his shot great – that his photo is published On NASA’s Sky channel.

“For me, it was a great feeling – says Filippo – to discover that out of thousands of photos that were supposed to arrive at NASA’s Apod portal, a photo of me had been chosen,” says Filippo. Filippo Vessi Silvestrin – that’s the pseudonym of his personal Facebook page – is not (yet) a professional photographer. However, for nine years he devoted himself to photography and achieved excellent results: his shots of the latest Foghi de Sant’Augusta or sky crossed by lightning in the valley were extraordinary. He explains that in Bezuk’s image of the comet, you can see the profile of Mount Cavallo and a lake that appears to be made of fog that corresponds to the Caniglio plain.

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