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Is gas expensive?  It is possible to cook a steak by throwing it from space

Is gas expensive? It is possible to cook a steak by throwing it from space

With gas soaring lately, it’s getting cheaper to take a rocket One of the many space tourism companies – And the Cook a steak by throwing it from spaceinstead of making it at home. Seriously, did you know that it is theoretically possible to cook a steak by launching it from Earth’s orbit?

Science communicator Randall Monroe wrote in one of his books where he attempts to answer impossible questions: “From what height must a steak be dropped so that it is cooked when it touches the ground?The solution was quite comprehensivebut the expert clearly indicates that a laboratory experiment was necessary to verify his hypothesis.

The logic behind the idea is as follows: an object is moving at high speed through the atmosphere You will experience massive heating due to the air pressure on the edge, allowing the heat to cook the outer layers.

But there is a big problem. The scientist assumes that while the outer layers of the steak would burn or even tear due to the high speed of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound), The inside will remain raw.

As if the question wasn’t silly enough, two scientists, Tom Fisher and Thomas Rees from the University of Manchester in the UK, set out to test Monroe’s hypothesis by putting together Steak in a wind tunnel at Mach 5.

As the celebrity mentioned in his book (and as you can see at the bottom of the news) the thermal imaging cameras in the wind tunnel show how the outside of the piece of meat has already been burnt and exploded, while The interior remained cold. In short, the method is recommended for those who love rare meat. So bloody.

It might be simpler Cooking a chicken by slapping.

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