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Antonino Spinalbes, ex Belen next to surgery: health problems for Givino

Antonino Spinalbes, ex Belen next to surgery: health problems for Givino

Antonino Spinalbes – Lenadereta 24

A vippone with a health problem may have to leave the house. What is it and how is it done

Antonino Spinalbis Received during the last live episode of Big Brother VIP An unexpected surprise: an entrance Geneva Lamborghini. Between the two something hangs, a sympathy that hasn’t had time to lead to a more serious relationship because ofpremature exit the girl.

there Lamborghini Indeed it was not qualified A few weeks after he entered due to some unhappy sentences addressed to Marco Bellavia. But fans of the couple who never began demanded his return to make way for this relationship to be defined. And they were satisfied, the girl returned for a week.

Just before entering, guest a Whose houseThe singer put her hands forward not to create too many expectations and announced: “I will not return to announce myself to Antonino. I have pending relations and I hope to bring some lightness, the same thing with which I entered the program. We will resume our friendship and acquaintance. I see him a little lost, let’s straighten him out. But I will not take anything, I will give some of it. Our feeling is not It’s undeniable, I found myself at home with so many people. I formed a strong bond with Antonino and Nikita. These relationships are beautiful and rare. There was a mental understanding, it’s a wonderful understanding, a closeness.”

health problem

But the two took a risk not meet at all, It is said that they can date because of a Spinalbese health problem. Rumors of his upcoming exit from the house Big Brother VIP In fact, he has been stalking for a few days now.

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a bag To the coccyx, that’s all there is to it, that it will be inflamed It causes extreme pain to the hairdresser who probably has to go out for surgery because of this. But everything will be decided. It will be the doctors who will visit him to say whether an intervention is necessary or whether everything can be cured with medication. Everyone is waiting for a response from the visit that should have taken place at the beginning of the week.

Antonino and Geneva – Linderetta 24


while Anthony struggling with Oriana Marzuli’s jealousy, who had a flirtation at home. The Venezuelan beauty, who broke off her passion for hairstyling after entering Geneva I asked him Limit physical methods: “Even if this is nonsense to you, I don’t want to see you with her kissing you. I don’t like it, it’s normal.”

The boy’s answer was imperative: “If you want to do that, I won’t have any problems doing that. I don’t make anyone suffer, it’s like you want to do me good. It’s pointless for me to always try to think of others all the time.”