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iPhone 14 helped save an entire family during the Maui fires

iPhone 14 helped save an entire family during the Maui fires

The Hawaiian Islands are engulfed in wildfires caused by extreme heat and drought and are spreading rapidly due to Hurricane Dora. Dozens of victims are already known, but there are also stories with happy endings.

Here’s what we know

On the island of Maui, a family of 5 was rescued after they got caught in the fires. They were in a car but could not get out because they were surrounded by flames. There was no cell phone service, so the family used Emergency SOS and an iPhone 14 to communicate via satellite.

Thanks to satellite communication, they were able to contact rescuers and transmit their coordinates. Their correspondence with the emergency services was shared on social networks by the brother of a friend of one of the girls in the car.

Within 30 minutes, firefighters were able to reach the family and evacuate them safely.

Apple’s Emergency SOS feature via satellite is available on all iPhone 14 models and has already helped save more than one life.

source: @tweetAnd Macrumors

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