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If you want to have WhatsApp conversations, there’s a new feature: reading messages out loud

If you want to have WhatsApp conversations, there’s a new feature: reading messages out loud

WhatsApp has updated itself by introducing a very useful function, that of reading messages out loud: here’s how to activate it.

WhatsApp It is certainly the most used application of all: it is no longer a simple instant messaging service, but a real platform to share everything we want with our contacts.
Meta, the company that owns the rights to the app, is always looking for new solutions to innovate and has recently added one that can Comfortable in different positions.

Since technology has spread nowadays, we are always looking for new ways to make our lives easier thanks to it.
there comfort and the Speed are passwords when developing a new technology or even just a simple update of an application like WhatsApp: one of the latest features introduced is based precisely on this concept.

WhatsApp reads messages for you: it can come in handy in many situations

In fact, in a recent update, Meta has added the ability Read messages out loud on WhatsApp.
This function consists precisely in the automatic reading by the voice assistant of your smartphone of what they have sent us on the platform.
To some it may sound like a useless introduction, but it really is It can be suitable in different situations.

Beyond the question Accessibility for the deafwhich already have special systems for reading all the text on electronic devices, reading aloud can become an indispensable function in other situations as well.
It can be the perfect solution for reading WhatsApp messages as well while driving or doing something else Which prevents us from keeping our eyes on the screen, or is just a relief when They send us very long messages that we don’t want to read.

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How to activate the autoplay function

To activate the automatic reading aloud function of WhatsApp messages, you just need to go to settings from our smartphone.
Now click on the sectionAccessibility“then in”Read the content out loudHere you can choose to have our voice assistant read whatever we have on the screen, or simply select text.

New function for the convenience of WhatsApp: here’s how to activate it (

Once this function is activated, we just need to go to WhatsApp, select the message they sent us in the chat and among the various options click on the “speak“.
At this point, our smartphone’s voice assistant will read the message out loud to us.