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Illegal “Corona dinner”: Paris police blow up two underground restaurants

There is good food France A special priority, but due to the corona epidemic, Republican restaurants have been closed since October. In Illegal Corona Restaurants – Wealthy Frenchmen have found a way to eat right anyway.

Police have now uncovered two secret restaurants amid a so-called “corona dinner” in which members of the government are said to have participated. In Paris He arrested the manager of an “underground restaurant” who secretly served food despite being closed due to an epidemic. The organizer of the dinner was also arrested and 110 guests had to pay a fine.

A few hours ago, police officers finished lunch prematurely at another secret restaurant in Saint-Owen, a suburb of Paris. According to the broadcaster PFMTV and the police, the operator was arrested and all 62 guests were fined.

The so-called underground restaurants for the rich in France have made headlines, according to a report by M6, a private television broadcaster who claims to be a secret luxury foodie. Among other things, the pictures showed a secret restaurant where staff or unidentified guests did not wear masks.

In a televised statement, the owner of the “Palace Vivienne” location, Pierre-Jean Salenion, as one of the organizers, initially reported on the evenings anonymously and said he had met with government members at several secret restaurants. In the meantime However, he talks about “April Fool’s Comedy”.

Following the report, the judiciary began an investigation. On Friday, Salenion and celebrity chef Christophe Leroy were questioned by investigators. However, according to the public prosecutor’s office, it has not yet been proven that the ministers attended the illegal dinners. Yet the president called Emmanuel Macron Everyone who attended this week’s cabinet meeting, according to a government spokesman, “should be a role model.”

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