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Indonesia's goals on all fronts - OA Sport

Indonesia’s goals on all fronts – OA Sport

Continua en Coel d’Aarhus (Denmark) La Tomas Cup Finals Uber Aarhus 2021. Third day of challenges Badminton Championship for men’s and women’s teams Which can be compared to the World Cup.

Let’s start with the women Uber Cup. It all started today with a clear success on his part Indonesia and Chinese Taipei, to celebrate straight France (Group A) and Taite (Group C).

The victory is also clear for Japan for whom he was defeated 4 to 0 Japan, while the Korea beat Egypt 5-0. The evening witnessed only one match with Canada He left no way out Malaysia who surrendered with the net 4 to 1 (Group D).

Then we move to Thomas Cup With success in the early afternoon Chinese Taipei beat Algeria 5-0 (Group A). Different talk about Indonesia beat Thailand (Group A) 3-2 in their last crucial match. The evening continued with two more matches. first saw Denmark imposed 3 to 2 on Germany, while the Korea imposed its 4-to-1 supremacy on France.

Uber Cup results

Indonesia 4 – France 1 (Group A)
Japan 4 – Germany 0 (Group A)
Chinese Taipei 5 – Tahiti 0 (Group C)
Korea 5 – Egypt 0 (Group C)
Malaysia 1 – Canada 4 (Group D)

Thomas Cup results

Chinese Taipei 5 – Algeria 0 (Group A)
Indonesia 3 – Thailand 2 (Group A)
Korea 4 – France 1 (Group B)
Denmark 3 – Germany 2 (Group B)

Photo: La Presse

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