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United States: Now the richest 1% "worth" more than the entire middle class

United States: Now the richest 1% “worth” more than the entire middle class

The wealth of the entire American middle class is less than that of the richest 1%: published data Federal Reserve, Providing news about Now waiting for a front, After many years of decline in the middle class and strong concentrations of wealth in a few hands. In detail, the middle class is here defined as 60% of the population, earning less than 20% and earning more than 20% and earning less. So we are talking about 77.5 million American households earning between $ 27,000 and $ 141,000 a year. On the other hand, there is an excellent 1% that records the highest income: the income of 1.3 million households exceeds $ 500,000. Wealth in the United States is gradually accumulating in this last segment of the population, which today controls 27% of all fortunes in the country, 26.6% against the middle class. However, numerically this ratio is 1 in every 60 people in the middle class who are super rich.

This is a long-term trend: in the last thirty years, 10% of America’s total wealth has become 20% richer than the population, and they now hold 70% of the wealth.

As already highlighted by studies conducted globally, the period marked by the epidemic was above all an opportunity for the benefit of the super-rich around the world – there were more means and resources to express themselves for the opportunities presented to them. Markets, they abruptly recovered, unlike the economic activities on which the income of the majority of the population depends.

However, the concentration of wealth was a major issue in the democratic election campaign of the last presidential election. The same Joe Biden He promised to reconsider the tax burden to target the affluent classes, and a related bill has already been issued by the Housing and Ways Commission.

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