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From 2026, French trains will stop on Italian high-speed lines: they will also stop in Brescia


After more than a year, we are back talking about Tgv (Train à Grande Vitesse) on the train.Railway axis Turin-Milan-Venice: In fact, confirmation arrived today from SNCF Voyageurs (French National Railway Authority). In 2026 the carrier’s trans-Alpine service will begin on two all-Italian routes A total of 13 pairs of high-speed trains. One of these will see Tgv Also stop in Brescia, on the route from Turin to Venice with intermediate stops in Milan, Brescia, Verona and Padua; The other will also depart from the capital of Savoy, but in the direction of Naples, with stops in Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome. On this route, the French company will provide 9 pairs daily between Turin and Naples and 4 pairs on the route from Turin to Venice.

The featured train on these services will be Brand new TGV-M, the final example of the Tgv family produced by Alstom and still under testing in France. The train will have (15 models dedicated to service in Italy) Maximum speed 350 km/h and a configuration of 7 or 9 double-decker carriages with two locomotives at the ends with a capacity of between 600 and 750 people.

News of French expansion into Italian territory does not seem new, as Le Parisien newspaper reported in March 2023 He said about the SNCF’s desire to bring TGVs to Italy In the Ouigo or low cost service model: the project that took the name “project allegro” It has not received any further updatesWhich still leaves doubt as to whether these trains, which will also stop in Brescia from 2026, will be low-cost or not.

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