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Including Spider-Man on Xbox Wasn't a Problem -

Including Spider-Man on Xbox Wasn’t a Problem –

condition Spider Manfrom a video game point of view, it’s rather strange: one might think that the character has some exclusive association with the PlayStation, but this is not always true, as in the case of Midnight from Marvelwith developers reporting as It wasn’t a problem Enter the character in the game.

This would underscore the fact that Spider-Man, as a character, cannot be considered essentially”PlayStation Exclusive In video games, but communications are derived from agreements made from time to time.

Midnight from Marvel

So it’s likely that Square Enix, in agreement with Sony, is the one that decided on an exclusive for Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, as well as, of course, exclusive to the two games specifically dedicated to the character in question, drawn from the first-party team (but they’ll arrive anyway on PC).

Jake Solomon from Firaxis She stated that Spider-Man “would be on Xbox, there were no issues with this”, also explaining that “it’s weird to find ourselves making the first game in so long that the character has been on the platform. Spidey he was always present as a character on the roster and we didn’t have Any disagreements about that from Marvel.”

According to Solomon, choosing New York as the main setting for Marvel’s Midnight Suns has also influenced the need to include Spider-Man as a character, being his city. We recently saw a new trailer for the game during the Summer Games Festival.

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