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Immigrants: Thousands of caravans leave Mexico for the United States – North America

(ANSA) – MEXICO CITY, June 07 – Many thousands of immigrants, mostly 5,000 to 6,000 Venezuelans, have been traveling from Dabacula on the Chiapas (southern Mexico) to the U.S. border since yesterday. Their attempt to draw attention to the US summit in Los Angeles.

The uniqueness of this caravan emphasizes Proso that over time, immigrants in the past were mostly Hondurans, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, Haitians and Cubans, in this case mostly Venezuelans, “stuck in that border town for days or even weeks.”

With the slogan ‘Immigrants are not criminals, they are international workers’, as it continued to rain yesterday morning, participants, including many women and children, were forced to defend themselves with plastic sheets and lucky items.

Ray Garcia Villagra, of the Tapasula Center for Human Rights for Human Rights, pointed out that the march was a desperate act by immigrants stranded in Tapasula, and that the Mexican Commission on Refugee Assistance (Gomer) is due to make appointments in the coming months. Check their documents, while the National Migration Agency (INM) said not to show them before September or October. (Handle).

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