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High speed train: Rome-Naples route reactivated – Chronicle

The Rome-Naples Expressway will resume operation at 2.30 pm, with the gradual resumption of high-speed trains. “This will also allow us to improve the rotation of passenger trains on regular routes,” the RFI note said. “Regular trains will resume on Wednesday morning between Rome and Naples and at the intersections of the two cities,” the note added.
The route was blocked on Friday afternoon, June 3, near Rome’s Brenestina following the diversion of the tail locomotive of a high-speed train.

“70 technicians from Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group) worked to repair about one kilometer and 300 meters of track, replace 400 meters of technical cables and restore the train’s 150 meters of electricity within 48 hours. Began following the seizure; from the second evening yesterday the Judicial Commission allowed the marginal engine to be removed, thus releasing the gallery. “

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