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Il tempo previsto per le prossime ore

In the next few hours, a new storm is coming, and by evening we will see where it gets worse »

Weather: In the next few hours, a new storm is coming, and by evening we will see where it gets worse

Expected time for the next few hoursSomething new is coming Before the storm Will cause severe deterioration by this evening In some regions. In fact, Italy no longer enjoys the warmest atmospheric tranquility guaranteed by Sibion ​​a few days ago, the vast high-pressure field of African descent, one of the strongest heat waves ever recorded in early June.

Now the situation has changed a little in a disturbing way Weather forecast Italy thinks of a new Atlantic currents driven by the opposite image of a hurricane that currently surrounds the United Kingdom. These cold currents will fuel the formation of an insidious hurricane that will cross the entire Adriatic region from north to south over the next 24 hours.

However, in the next few hours, we will see a progressive increase Clouds Starting from the northwest, the rest of the country spends mornings in good weather.
However, our focus is on warmer times when the differences between cold air and existing heat become more and more apparent. The Clouds The existing density for a walk in the north will be ready to abruptly subside It is raining Further Thunderstorms We expect a significant phase of bad weather first in the northwest and in some parts of the Northeast after sunset.
So give credit Focus on thunderstorms As has already happened in recent days, they can take on a strong radical character, with the result being dangerous.

Then there will be most of the country where the atmospheric conditions are very calm. However, in hot weather, rapid and severe degradation is expected, especially in the central and southern regions. Buglia Especially in the interior. Here, too, we expect credit Heavy thunderstorms.

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The day will end with more interruption of new currents connected to it Hurricane vortex In Upper Adriatic training, it will begin its journey in the direction of the southern Adriatic regions and is poised to significantly disrupt the weather over the next 24/48 hours in many parts of Italy. We will update.