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Masks: here are the airlines without the obligation to wear them

Masks: here are the airlines without the obligation to wear them

If it is already from February 15, the obligation to wear masks Outdoors in Italy are no longer valid, the same does not apply to indoor spaces as there is still a long way to go to eliminate them. However, some airlines that have announced that it will not be mandatory do not think so.

What is the first

The first to remove, for more than 48 hours (March 1), obligated to wear a protective device is the British Jet 2, which is a low cost company with which you can return to travel as before the emergence of Covid-19. But be warned: A bit like seat belts, the mask can only be removed for the cruise stage and worn again once it’s landed. And then, as we read messengerThe procedure is only valid for flights from England to Northern Ireland and vice versa. However, the obligation to wear it on flights to and from Scotland remains for all passengers over six years of age, even if they have been vaccinated.

Poll results

Following the Je2 example, Ryan Air The cancellation of the commitment to masks from the spring announced: the CEO of the company, Michael O’Leary, promised that it would be possible to fly without a device from the end of April, announcing that London’s Gatwick Airport “You will witness a strong recovery after two difficult years during the Covid pandemic“On the contrary, EasyJet, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Loganair and Tui announced that the obligation to wear masks would remain indefinitely. In a survey conducted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in May last year, 83% of passengers said they supported the use of masks on flights, although the majority of respondents saidYou don’t want unlimited commitments“.

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What is happening in the United States

The condition of the mask remains in duty We will continue to evaluate the duration of the commitment in consultation with the CDCTSA spokeswoman Alexa Lopez said. They will prevail airline managers who have repeatedly doubted the usefulness of devices in flight, it will be possible to fly without observing masks; And vice versa, if the greatest union of stewardesses of stars and stripes prevails, an extension, is almost also evident given the spread of Covid that is still very present, especially among children and very young people.

Three levels of risk

Aside from traveling, when can they be completely eradicated? At least in Italy, so far, there is no guidance on what will happen from April 1 onwards when, i.e. the state of emergency will not be in effect. As we wrote in, the Minister of Health Speranza announced an order will renew Masks must be worn in all enclosed spaces except for private homes. This means that it will be worn in cinemas, theaters, entertainment venues and where there will be live music as well as all sporting events and events that take place in gyms. Or the American model could be followed by a three-tiered system based on infection risk.

In areas A a little Danger, most Americans may not wear them indoors, even in restaurants and malls. In areas A Average The risk of infection, on the other hand, the indication is to talk with the doctor about the possibility or inability to maintain it. The third squad, the most dangerous LongMask is only “recommended” and not mandatory. This is the case, for example, in hospitals and healthcare settings. As mentioned ProphetJoe Biden noted the use of optional without any obligation except for those who have been exposed to contact with a positive.

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