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Katia Ricciarelli vs Manila Nazzaro 'I was going to slap her' / Why?  Hug Delia...

Katia Ricciarelli vs Manila Nazzaro ‘I was going to slap her’ / Why? Hug Delia…

They are very turbulent hours inside a house Big Brother VIP. entrance Delia Duran It not only stirred up the group’s dynamics, with some equilibriums suddenly ruptured. There are also divisions between roommates, especially between them Katia Ricciarelli and Manila Nazzaro. Apparently, the singer did not appreciate the closeness shown by Manila to the newcomer and her welcome was considered excessive by Ricciarelli, apparently siding with Soleil Sorge. When Alex Belli’s wife entered the Big Brother VIP house, some competitors turned out to be more disrespectful than others, giving the newcomer due attention. However, the fact that Manila was so blatantly active made Katya raise her nose, and she expressed her disappointment.

Katia Ricciarelli vs Manila: ‘I wanted to slap her’

in conversation with Soleil riseA few hours after the Friday evening broadcast Ricciarelli He expressed all his bitterness, objectively a little gratuitous, towards Manila. “It was Manila who went to hug her, I wanted to slap her … She went, she was listening to the piano that Manuel was playing, and she went to sit next to him and Manila, who was near the pool table, went there and hugged her, and I sat with her … ”, she commented Katya is disappointed and bitter. Manila Nazzaro, for her part, did nothing but approach Delia in a courteous and polite manner, trying to make her feel like she was a part of the group right away. A position that Katya Zawi did not like.

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